50 Ways Young Startup Entrepreneurs Benefit From Remote Work

by Aug 19, 2023

Entrepreneurs who work remotely have distinct advantages over those commuting to an office site. Remote work efficiency takes planning, practice, and dedication but it can be as good for a new business as it is for a young entrepreneurial owner. We share just 50 ways young entrepreneurs benefit when choosing to work from home. 

50 Ways Young Startup Entrepreneurs Benefit From Remote Work


Similar to working remotely for someone else, the onus to add positivity to the bottom line is on you. It’s not all about you and it may not even be direct profit, but no matter the size of a company or how great of a culture it has, if the company doesn’t produce a profit, it won’t exist.

Work is called work for a reason and not that it has to be drudgery, but whether you are a young entrepreneur starting up your own company or whether you have a role on someone else’s payroll, it has to pay back or serve as a future investment, or they don’t need you. 

As a young entrepreneur, you may or may not have spent time in a corporate office environment. You may not have even held a role where you were required to seriously deliver. That doesn’t mean you aren’t exactly where you should be and that is by no means indicative of your ability to wildly succeed. 

What you do need though is to get real about it. Work at home is still work.

Make your choice immediately worthwhile, so you invest in your future while reaping the immediate personal benefits too.

The dollars and sense (and cents!) you earn – or don’t – go to paying your electric or for your next vacation – or not. Those who don’t understand the value of short and long term planning and the concept of compounding lose.

Don’t be that short-sighted person. Don’t be the arrogant or disdainful person who thinks that all doesn’t matter. 

For launching your business at home have rules. Work is work. Respect yourself and your vision. Be smart. As the owner, it’s your responsibility.

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It’s important for entrepreneurs to recognize the many benefits of working remotely.

Startups benefit from the increased productivity and motivation!

Your personal motivation is taken to a new level. YOU are the company, and you are the boss kicking your own butt!

You are totally free to be yourself, determining what you need and when. 

You use your time wisely and make the call on what critical next step will maximize your investment.

You can routinely incorporate self-development and learn while standing or walking.

The comfort of a risk-free safe work environment is incredibly motivational and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

A fully remote entrepreneur eliminates non-urgent and non-work-related distractions from co-workers! 

Controls you’ll put in place also limit other miscellaneous irrelevant distractions. 

Remote workers are productive with fewer interruptions from stimuli requiring your attention.

Environmental issues impacting your surroundings are more easily managed, allowing you to stay on track. 

You’re looking at a custom environment that can include music, silence, selected quiet times, and your most ideal and motivating lighting.

Productive work at your own pace is highly motivating!

Productivity levels go through the roof while work and life are in balance.

 Savings galore! You save on:

  • Rentals
  • Utilities
  • Commuting: gas, tolls, wear & tear, public transit
  • Meals out
  • Various unplanned expenditures
  • Miscellaneous planned but unnecessary expenditures
  • Tax benefits
  • Wardrobe
  • Laundry
  • Food
  • Childcare
  • Petcare
  • TIME


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Remote work enhances work-life balance.

Flexible work arrangements lead to increases in efficiency. Lost hours of sitting and waiting can be eliminated and used to your benefit.

You manage that line between work and life without asking permission or defending the need. 

Your quality time with yourself, family, friends, and pets truly becomes quality time. 

Where you never have time to clean or pull weeds and hate putting it on a schedule, you can do both while talking or listening on a call not requiring a computer or note taking.

You can start dinner as you are talking or pondering and maintain proper meals and mealtimes. You eliminate dinner at 7:30 because of traffic or picking up fast food because you didn’t have time to cook.

You are able to work with planned meals and a food budget.

Your flexible workday and work hours allows you to fit in personal appointments. 

Flexible work from home decisions allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Planning mealtimes and working with a food budget also helps you plan 3 squares or balanced mini meals. 

Though you eliminated brief walks from a parking lot and possibly stairs, you may have eliminated some goodness for body, but you may have also eliminated some safety risks and can creatively use your resources to build those steps and stretches back in. 

Creating your own work model allows you to incorporate brief breaks throughout the day without asking for permission. You can utilize those exercise breaks in privacy without fellow workers thinking you are crazy or behaving inappropriately at your desk!

Your savings from not renting workspace or commuting costs to exercise using your surroundings or to spend a minimal amount on equipment that works for you. 

You create your start and end time leading to fewer broken commitments. 

You eliminate eye strain by setting up your space however it benefits you most. 

You can utilize a standing desk.

Remote work affords you the choice to sit on an exercise ball instead of a regular chair.

You’ll likely find sick time becomes much more manageable.

You can drink as much water as you need to or like without fear of nature calling during traffic. 

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Hustle and happiness coexist!

If you know, you know! As the business owner as part of the remote workforce nearly all wardrobe issues and mental strain are eliminated. 

More time with loved ones (human, furry or scaly) is balanced in-between a busy schedule in addition to actual quality time. 

No rushing in or out early hoping to manage impending weather issues impacting your appointments.

You eliminate the stress of second guessing Mother Nature while commuting to and from work in hazardous conditions such as ice and snow, or during the rainy, monsoon seasons. 

This work allows those dealing with snow and ice, shoveling snow as it comes or salting at ideal hours directly impacts your health, work-life balance, happiness, and motivation! 

You’re doing your part to lower the carbon footprint.

Less overall stress as a result of these benefits is terrific benefit in and of itself. 

One of the biggest benefit of working remotely is the fact that YOU can create the many personal benefits you need and desire as a result of being a remote employee of your own company!


During your remote phase or as you create a fully remote business, you’ll test out what works for you and your future company needs. It’s a win-win situation! 

As a young entrepreneur with a new company, you’ll create a distinct edge while learning what you’ll need from and for your own remote team. It’s important for entrepreneurs to learn what works and what doesn’t. It’s all as personal to you and your business as your deadlines.

Where communication, employee training & development and career growth traditionally benefited from an onsite environment, that is no longer the case. There are more options than ever.

However, if you have trouble with willpower and sticking to a routine, there’s no better time to recognize it and dive into metacognitive thinking. Take a walk and contemplate it. What motivates you to follow through? How can you use metacognition early on to plan their successful contributions?

What can you put in place for your own talent pool? They’ll share a similar sentiment. They’ll desire increased flexibility in an office space that is highly productive while offering better work-life balance. Knowing what works and considering related factors will help you hire the best and keep them.  

For now though, get to work. You have an empire to build. You got this.

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