Envisionary Me is an informational and working site for anyone starting or running their own business. We offer unfiltered advice and how-tos from experienced professionals who have been in your shoes. The purpose of this site is to help – to give back and share our learnings. Use this site as if it were your own throughout your journey. Whether you are just starting out, something isn’t working, you need inspiration, or a kick in the butt… Envisionary Me is all about you:  your Strategy, your Execution, your Success.

Meet Denise

Why am I helping you? Because I want to. It’s as simple as that.

I’m Denise Dales. Pleased to make your acquaintance!

EnvisionaryMe is for the gig worker, the lost, the found, the founder. The student majoring in Entrepreneurship. The grad with the piece of paper, figuring out what to do next.

It’s about simplicity. Building blocks.

It’s 100% unfiltered from me to you.

Feel like you own this site. Use it to plan. Use it to envision you at your best and plan to get there. It’s a daily grind – but it’s YOUR daily grind. Big difference.

Don’t let your story be “I never tried.”

Be that % who makes it. The view is worth it.

Read on…

Creating Greatness

You will create balance along the way too. Remember work to live. Don’t live to work. For me, pool noodles are a great reminder to maintain a positive balance.

Throughout my career, I worked as a “connector.” A person in that spot inbetween a salesperson and the company. It’s been my job to get both sides what they need. Both want to make money. And yes, some don’t care if it’s at the expense of the other.

The fact is – both sides need each other and need to perform as a team – as a well- oiled machine, if you will. The smoother the process runs, the more profit is generated, and the more money everyone takes home. I love being the person who jumps in, gets her hands dirty, digs deep, analyzes the situation, and figures out who needs what. And here I am today. Helping you.

What We Have In Common

We work hard and have the desire to use our brains and resources to achieve success. You do what you have to do, keeping it legal, of course! Personally, with great degrees, solid success, and an often-unmatched skillset, I still worked every position, from scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets to being the CEO of a wonderful healthy foundation that is also all about helping others.

When you are starting out, when you are building, when you are rebuilding – and when you are sitting on top of the world – you do what you legally need to do. Seasons come. Seasons go.

You own it. You stay involved. You sweep floors literally and figuratively.

Act like you own this place. Because you do.

If you are unwilling or above all of
that? Entrepreneurship in any fashion is not for you.

So again, why am I helping those who stay? Because I want to. And again, it’s as simple as that.

This site is for you, from me – it’s All About You. You are accomplished. You are the visionary. You have the ideas. You may need a boost and some know-how. We offer you the direction.



There’s no magic here. 

This is a place to go to work.

Come here to figure out your next step or to seek inspiration.

While you are here, share inspiration, use a free tool as it is, or change it up.

Like I said, there’s no magic. If you didn’t know that, now you do.

There’s hard work, there’s lots of sage advice, and there are tools, paint brushes and puzzle pieces. Use them as they are – or blend them onto your own canvas – or be inspired and create your own.

Let’s get started.

My success is YOUR success!

Denise Dales working on EnvisionaryMe

Stay Connected!