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Entrepreneurs wear many hats – sometimes every hat. Look here for direction and suggestions on how to grow your brand through consumer engagement, trial, repeat. and presentation.


Advice from successful entrepreneurs who’ve been there. Our goal is to get you (and keep you) on track for success, an inspired you is a successful you..

Student Journey

Advice, direction, and creative solutions for every student, especially geared for entrepreneurship majors who must create their next steps. Find info on mentoring, internships, and what to expect after graduation.

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Meet Denise

Hi, I’m Denise! “Chief Visionary” at

I became really good at helping other people make money – particularly those with small businesses and those getting started. My success depended upon others being successful. I became known as The Maximizer…and I was always successful!

EnvisionaryMe is for the gig worker, the lost, the found, the founder. The student majoring in Entrepreneurship. The grad with the piece of paper, figuring out what to do next.

It’s about simplicity, building blocks.

It’s 100% unfiltered. From me to you.

Feel like you own this site. Use it to plan. Use it to envision you at your best and the plan to get yourself there. It’s a daily grind – but it’s YOUR daily grind. Big difference.

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Latest Articles

Mindfulness Helps Entrepreneurs Gain Clarity: Questions To Ask Yourself During Self-Reflection

Entrepreneurs gain clarity during moments of self-reflection by asking themselves mindful questions. Successful entrepreneurs use mindfulness techniques to gain metacognitive insights which help them become more productive and effective. By looking within, entrepreneurs understand their own thoughts and thinking processes, which leads to ways to improve and overcome challenges. Mindful questioning help entrepreneurs improve personal performance while developing confidence.

Best Gift Ideas For The Young Entrepreneurs In Your Life:  2023-2024

Choose the perfect gift for your young entrepreneur in your life. Great gift ideas for young and student business owners require consideration of their needs and their point of view. Practical gifts, the gifts of time and introductions to life lessons from seasoned pros like yourself are incredibly helpful. They make perfect gifts for entrepreneurs who might still be in school or are just starting out.

Mindfulness Questions Every Young Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves

Young entrepreneurs and students of entrepreneurship must ask themselves mindfulness questions to build self-awareness and awareness of the world around them. An entrepreneur is never too young to benefit from metacognitive insights. Mindfulness questions help entrepreneurs progress personally and with their business planning process. In order to achieve a successful startup entrepreneurs must ask mindful questions and use the insights to help set goals, execute, and achieve success.

What is Envisionary Me?

Envisionary Me is an informational site for anyone starting or running a business, especially if you are a recent graduate.
If you are looking to start your own company, freelance, or just starting out in your career and need to figure out next steps, we’re here to help.
The articles you’ll find on Envisionary Me will help you think through and develop your vision and create your successful future.

What Students Are Saying

I needed an internship to graduate and I couldn’t find any local opportunities to apply for where I could still work my part-time job to help pay for school. Denise helped me create an internship for myself. I never thought to do this,
but she helped me figure out a need for the company I already work for part-time; we created a purpose and job description, and talked through how I could present it. My company approved it! I offered to do the work for free, but they let me keep my current position and added the additional hours to my pay. They appreciated the help, and had no idea how easy it was to create videos for social media. The internship helped me graduate and gave me small business Marketing experience that will help me get started too!

~Jacob M.

Denise was really helpful in working better with my mentor and the whole experience ended up being so great. I was partnered with a mentor from school, and he is a super nice guy, but he is really busy and I thought he would help me find a job and get experience. He would ask how it was going, but I didn’t know what to say. Denise helped me create a mentorship plan,
with some ideas for goals and activities that would help me get experience and network. He met with me, he helped put the plan together and we agreed upon goals and activities. It turns out he wanted to help, but didn’t really know how. Thanks to her guidance, I added 3 finance and logistics experiences that
will help me bring my own product to market.

~ Mandy S.