Student Journey

How To Take A Gap Year: For Student Entrepreneurs

Taking a gap year after your high school or college graduation offers significant benefits for every student and especially for entrepreneurs. The gap year experience is your opportunity to develop your thoughts, your plans, and gain additional skills. It’s a time to practice in a safer environment and test out ideas without severe adult consequences. It’s an opportunity to prepare for your future.

10 Reasons To Study: For Motivated Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship students must study. Motivate yourself to think as a businessperson. You may want to jump right into working your business but understand that studying to elevate yourself and your grades does more than just pay back with a diploma. The motivation to learn and apply good study habits and retain the knowledge creates expertise and a skillset that benefit you and your business for years to come. Don’t waste your time in school or the tuition. Free books aren’t typically a thing. A free ride in the future isn’t a thing either. Apply yourself now to be ready later.

Inspirational Graduation Quotes For Entrepreneurship Grads

New grads who earned their entrepreneurship degree appreciate words of wisdom that motivate them to move forward knowing they are prepared and ready. They need to feel confident determining their path. Inspirational graduation quotes and sayings help the class of 2024 make sense out of their choices and next steps, while arming them with questions to ask themselves and renewed motivation. These words of wisdom can turn their concern about challenges into excitement about opportunities.

Take College Seriously. Entrepreneurship Majors Must Study

College is obviously a huge financial investment. College is also an investment in time, emotions, and your development. Prioritize yourself. Get organized, and develop ways to study that benefit your life, your brain, and your future. Ever wondered who makes it in this world? Any survey will tell you it’s those people that focused on what mattered, took themselves seriously, and gained life-skills that helped manage their tasks and sanity as they developed their skillset.

Best Gift Ideas For The Young Entrepreneurs In Your Life:  2023-2024

Choose the perfect gift for your young entrepreneur in your life. Great gift ideas for young and student business owners require consideration of their needs and their point of view. Practical gifts, the gifts of time and introductions to life lessons from seasoned pros like yourself are incredibly helpful. They make perfect gifts for entrepreneurs who might still be in school or are just starting out.

Fall Semester Mantras for Student Entrepreneurs

Personal mantras for student entrepreneurs use the power of positivity to motivate and inspire you. This Fall, boost your confidence, your self-esteem and productivity using these encouraging words. Kick your entrepreneurial efforts into high gear with these Fall semester mantras

Entrepreneurship Positively Impacts Your Life As A Student

Pursuing entrepreneurial dreams during college prepares you for career success and inspires personal growth. Entrepreneurship has transformative power during this time in your life! Explore the impact of entrepreneurship on college students' lives, because it's...

2023 Fall Motivation: How Student Entrepreneurs Stay Motivated!

Student entrepreneurs must motivate themselves and stay motivated throughout the year. Fall brings an opportunity to get back on track and beat the burnout factors. Use autumn to refresh and reorganize, and right-track your startup this semester. Be inspired by the...

What Is A Student Entrepreneur?

Student entrepreneurs are people with their own business ventures who are currently enrolled in school. They are often in college and might study entrepreneurship, but that is not always the case. There is no minimum or maximum age for someone to become an...

Do Entrepreneurs Need A College Degree To Start A Business?

Higher education prepares entrepreneurs for success in starting a business. While you do not need to go to college and do not need a degree to become a successful entrepreneur, the education and training received makes the process of entering the business world...