7 Tips To Improve Your Home Office Productivity – For Entrepreneurs

by May 25, 2023

Seven productive habits will maximize your home office experience and your personal effectiveness. Remote work allows you to maximize precious time when your home office setup supports productivity. The pandemic created a need to utilize home office space and ended up opening our eyes to new, very effective working strategies. Though many entrepreneurs routinely work from a home-based office, the time is not always maximized. Create a successful work-from-home workspace and ensure work hours are productive by following these strategic tips.


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As usual, entrepreneurs are ahead of the game – trendsetters – Maximizers!

Entrepreneurs paved the way for the successful teleworking and remote work strategies now firmly in place, but managing a business from home is still much more challenging because you are on your own and being pulled in multiple directions.

Maximize home office productivity by following strategic tips directly related to 7 habits of successful businesspeople. 

  • Utilize your leadership skills.
  • Maintain your self-awareness.
  • Stay out of your comfort zone.
  • Set goals.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Embrace change.
  • Have a growth mindset.


Roles identified as remote or as part of a partially offsite strategy come with a list of duties, priorities, standards – and a paycheck. Entrepreneurs must maximize their daily habits and home office experience to create that paycheck. Remote worker strategies are very helpful. 

Put your metacognitive skills to work! Knowing what’s likely to trip you up and take you off course allows you to set up a plan to head off the problem.  

Solutions range from creating a professional atmosphere for video calls to figuring out how to brighten your spirits and increase motivation by incorporating natural light into your day. Having actual dedicated office space matters, and sometimes your work productivity will rise by literally using a standing desk. 

How you get things done is very personal. Our tips to maximize your productivity are guidelines tied to your business plan and your health, but you create the next steps. Whether it’s by using ring lights or ergonomic office equipment, you build out ways to improve your productivity and maintain optimum health as you work from home. 



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The difference between successful and unsuccessful work-from-home habits comes down to accountability. Anyone can set up a home office design, but not everyone can boost productivity. Often, we know what to do in our office setting but still fall short when a plan, a deadline, or the motivation isn’t there. Successful entrepreneurs are planners. 

 There is no magic.

We can offer you the best ways to make your space conducive to your remote work situation, but whether eliminating eye strain, or making a small space feel bigger, or moving to or from your kitchen table works for others, it may or may not work for you. 

 Action is the key maximizing productivity.  

Your work-from-home strategy must be designed for remote work productivity. 

Start your workday consciously tied to the execution of your business plan and maintaining your health and well-being.


Remember: you are working to live, not living to work. Your health and well-being matter. 

You’ll notice some overlapping -it’s part of the strategy; your efforts with one habit or area affect others. It’s a positive ripple effect 😊


7 Key Home Office Habits

Daily Habit 1:  Utilize your leadership skills from your office space.

As the leader of your own organization, you continuously utilize leadership skills. Every action that takes place is according to your own system, so set the example – for yourself – and for anyone who touches your business.


Business plan focus:   Executive Summary.

  • Running a business requires skillsets across multiple functions. Your Executive Summary highlights all areas of your plan. Keep the end in mind as you plan each day; in other words, keep your eye on the prize. 
  • Actively use your planner, and make today count. Using a planner is one of the best ways to make sure your 40-hour week leads to the execution of your long-term goal. 

Health / Well-being:  Follow the three 8’s schedule

  • 8 hours of work. 8 hours of recreation. 8 hours sleep.
  • Working from home is a dream when you get to work and remain in work mode for your dedicated time while ensuring you also have time for recreation and rest.


Daily Habit 2:  Maintain your self-awareness to maintain productivity.

You know what’s empowering, what’s frustrating, and how you absorb information and learn best. Set yourself up for a successful, disciplined day. Every Day.


Focus on your business plan section:  Opportunity 

  • Use your roadmap and ensure your goals capitalize on your opportunity. 
  • If today just isn’t the day to tackle something big, tackle something small. For example, sketch out your next marketing campaign, then create a short and post it. 
  • Do not let the day slip away with no steps taken to go after your opportunity. 

Health / Well-being:  Sustain your energy

  • Know your triggers.
  • Drink your water. 
  • Don’t skip meals or eat out of stress or boredom. 



Joyous - Entrepreneur Ufuoma Emefeke working on her business in front of computer and cell phone video with selfie lights.

 Entrepreneur Joyous is working away on her business.


Daily Habit 3:  Stay out of your comfort zone in your home office setup.

Recognize you are in a safe place and working in your most comfortable zone of all! Do not allow comfort to challenge your motivation; instead, use it to your advantage. Do something different every single day. The opportunities are endless! Step outside your self-imposed box.


Business plan focus:  Company

  • Call upon your advisors –mentors, peers, and experts with various skill sets and levels of experience. 
  • Utilize the expertise of others to help determine the next steps to close your gaps. 
  • Expand your skillset and set 1 daily objective to strengthen it.

2nd Business plan focus:  Target Market

  • Challenge your assumptions, and try a new tactic based on the latest trends. Brainstorm. 
  • Speaking of brains… consumers love the brains behind the business. Get yourself out there with your written words, your voice, or on video. Connect with your target market.

Health / Well-being:  Take your physical or mental workout to the next level. 

  • Make 1 positive addition to your daily routine. Maybe try a faster walk while listening to a new podcast. Maybe simply take time to listen to the sounds of nature or notice shadows. 
  • Applaud yourself.


Daily Habit 4:  Set goals for your remote work

SMART goals are a successful businessperson’s way of making every moment and every effort count. You work less, achieve your objectives, and feel accomplished. 


Business plan focus:  Milestones

  • The “T” in SMART stands for timebound. Every single day, the clock ticks against these timelines. Start your day with a quick review of your moving parts, priorities, and the resources you must utilize.
  • Plan to reach your milestones by using your 8 hours wisely.

2nd business plan focus:  Sales & Marketing

  • Keep your consumer engagement plans and campaign efforts on track.
  • Review recent results. Tweak as needed, then move on to your next objective.

Health / Well-being:  Keep your fuel plan on track.

  • Whether it’s 3 squares, mini-meals, or any variation, make your bites and sips intentional today. No derailing. Today you remain on track. 



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Daily Habit 5:  Take responsibility while you work remotely.

It’s your responsibility to create a productive work environment, free of distractions while maintaining your work/life balance.


Business plan focus:  Financial Plan

  • Your home-based business requires a cash flow statement, a balance sheet, and a sales forecast. 

Health / Well-being:  Maintain work-life balance.

  • Set boundaries. Set communication and work guidelines for yourself, members of your household, and friends. 
  • Ensure balance using the 8:8:8 plan, and accomplish your goals across all three fronts. 

Work does not take a backseat to scrolling through social media and texting friends with non-emergencies, but if you plan out your day and focus on the tasks at hand, you can accomplish all of this. Work when you should be working, then use your 8 hours of planned recreation and social time appropriately.  



Daily Habit 6:  Embrace change as you make your home office a professional space.

Your business plan is a combination of facts and goals. It’s what you know and what you intend for your business. Embracing change allows you to reach those goals while handling hurdles you’ll face along the way. 


Business plan focus:  Operations

  • Your operational plan is always in a state of development, embracing the needs of your business. Prioritize, recognize needs, and be sure today’s activities are in alignment. 

Health / Well-being:  Manage distractions.

  • Be cognizant of today’s potential triggers; head them off. Remove yourself from the situation, close the door, and heed the reminder to stand up and stretch. 
  • Today, do the right thing for yourself and get your job done, then use those following 8 hours to cook, text, scroll, or return calls. 



Growth mindset quote by Winston Churchill "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.



Daily Habit 7:  Have a growth mindset and release clutter while seated in your office chair

The demonstration of your growth mindset flows through every daily habit as you continually develop, think critically, and navigate through a world of continual opportunity.


Business plan focus:  Consider your ENTIRE business plan.

  • Executive Summary, Opportunity, Target Market, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Milestones, Company, Financial Plan
  • Review your goals; update them or set new ones if necessary. 
  • Whiteboard and expand your thinking, skillset, and network.
  • Consider your overall web of opportunity and the competition

Health / Well-being:  Make sure your home office space inspires you.

  • Look around you and determine whether you are able to focus and work comfortably. Consider what you see when you look up if you can gaze at something positive in the distance, your lighting and comfort. You spend a lot of time here. Details matter. 


Every day – question all. 

Every day – wonder what, why, and how. 

Successful entrepreneurs share positive daily habits, but style-wise, what works for you is what gets the work done. Know yourself. Use what works best for you and show up every day with intention. Your path will not always be easy, so rely on your business plan; review your mission, your vision, and your goals. You will not feel like getting in your dedicated office space and working every day, but don’t allow this to stop you. Follow a schedule, and set goals.

Find your motivation. Tie it to business as well as maintaining your health and well-being. The challenges you overcome along the way will lead you to greatness. 

Be the maximizer you are. The successful businessperson. The incredible entrepreneur. Go build your business.


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