Spring Glimmers Mitigate Triggers & Inspire Entrepreneurs

by Apr 5, 2024

Glimmers are brief, calming moments of happiness that inspire entrepreneurs every day. Glimmers calm your nervous system and act as steppingstones to increased productivity. They are the opposite of triggers, helping mitigate and fend off negativity and the world’s madness! Their job is to spark joy and make your day better. You want to recognize and appreciate glimmers! 



Spring Glimmers Mitigate Triggers & Inspire Entrepreneurs




Glimmers are often common, everyday type experiences that could go unnoticed. We may not realize why we smiled or why we suddenly feel good, but these micro-moments change us in a positive way. 

We may not notice the transition and why we feel better than we did just five minutes ago when someone was rude, or a driver cut us off and triggered feelings of anger or sadness – or made us feel small and overwhelmed. We don’t notice that as a result, we moved on seamlessly. We focused. We didn’t lose time. In fact, we may have even created a random act of kindness along the way.


Triggers can be so powerful. We usually do notice them. We tend to dwell on them. Even when we’re doomsday scrolling, we know it, and the undertone sticks with us. Glimmers are the opposite of triggers, and it’s important to give them just as much recognition. 

The effects of glimmers can be momentary, but they can also carry you through. They help you disregard negatives or more easily offset them.  

You feel happier. You smile on the inside.

…and you smile on the outside!


You may not even realize!

  • You focus. 
  • You remain focused longer.
  • Your day passes, and you feel accomplished. 
  • You’re less stressed as you move onto your next task or into the time of day. 
  • You start noticing your many positives.
  • You start appreciating that you woke up and got to experience this day.

You want to take that walk.


Are you familiar with metacognition?

It’s the awareness of your own thought processes, and it’s very helpful in improving your productivity and effectiveness. 

At Envisionary Me, we talk about the huge benefits that come from metacognitive insights. As an entrepreneur, you need to know yourself. Successful people do. 

Metacognition creates mindfulness and offers insights into why you’re more likely to follow through on a “to do list” – or not. It’s useful if you work and if you don’t. We all have things to do – long, long, LONG lists of things to do. 

Life’s busy. Metacognitive insights help you prepare your day so that you follow through with fewer triggered moments and without being unreasonably hard on yourself. It’s all part of the science. 


Noticing your own personal glimmers improves your life.

It improves:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-motivation
  • Coping strategies
  • Your level of happiness
  • Raises self-confidence
  • You are fully present 




city street in morning




Glimmers are important to your psyche, so let’s give them some time!

Spring glimmers are special everyday moments that welcome us into our new season – rebirth!  


Be inspired!

Feel the love!


Spring glimmers!


Drinking your coffee when the sun is up.

Even if it’s grabbing that mug as you run out the door. What does it invoke? What do you notice? 

Notice? Yes. Notice your first sip of coffee.

Notice the sunrise.

Feel safe.


Smiling because you had enough creamer left.

Thinking to put “buy more” on your to-do list.

Remembering its already on your grocery list.

Remembering to stop at the store.

Having the fund to pay for it. 

Having time to run into the store to buy it.


The ability to bask and feel warmer in the sunshine.


Noticing you don’t need a coat!


Picking out a sweater or light jacket.


Storing your gloves, hat & scarf for next year.


Seeing green leaves.




Spring Glimmer of first flower




Glimmers are about noticing and about enjoying simple pleasures. They are tiny moments – but spark so much joy and positivity.  



Birds have returned to your yard or the park. 


Hummingbirds showing up for nectar.


Your local orchard turns pink or white for a week or two.


Watching a robin make a nest in your wreath.


Listening to a gentle rain.


Hearing the March winds. 


Seeing weeds.

Yep. Weeds appear before you know it! But knowing you got this!

Weeds. Yuck or not, they signify Spring!! Choosing to see that notification as a positive.

Noticing you weren’t triggered and feeling negative!


Choosing to watch good news and fun videos vs. doomsday scrolling.

Changing your algorithm, and purposely selecting “not interested” on negative or unhelpful TikTok videos or hiding select Facebook ads. 


Your sister/brother/friend saying, “hey, that was a funny video.”



Need a better understanding of what glimmers are and how to use them?

Check out this article! 



There is science behind glimmers. 

 Yes. Actual science. 

When you want to learn more about the concept of glimmers, do a bit of light research. Improve your mental health and look up related subjects.

  • the polyvagal theory
  • Deb Dana specializes in this area
  • our nervous system 
  • your body’s social engagement system (ventral vagus nerve)
  • your shutdown system (dorsal vagus nerve)
  • fight or flight syndrome
  • concept of glimmers



If you want to scroll or walk and listen to 100% positive TikTok videos — 

Take small moments of time and Bloom! Look up, Emilie Leyes.

Maybe you’ll feel awestruck and suddenly be in awe of your own self.

Maybe you’ll unknowingly but simply help regulate your own nervous system enough to blossom. The win is when these micro-moments aren’t just fleeting and dissolving unnoticed. It’s when they activate something in the world around us and  wipe out negative emotions.

It’s you being in the present moment – finding glimmers – actively feeling these moments of joy. 




Holding Shells- Spring Glimmer of entrepreneurship




Take a moment and  …watch a ripple.


Watch the waves.


Breathe in cool, salty ocean air.


Seeing a new season of shells.


Appreciating a clean, open beach.


Sunlight sparkling on water.

At the beach. 

On a lake.

A trickling stream.


As you cross the bridge.





Be literally anywhere and appreciate the natural environment.


Then go somewhere else and do the same.



Be calm. Be energized. Be YOU. 




robin on branch




We will remind you every single season!

Try becoming aware of your glimmers. Look for glimmers.

Be fully present for a day. For part of a day. For 5 minutes. Whatever you can remember. This idea isn’t meant to be a chore or create additional stress. Glimmers are anything positive and there are many glimmers around you – it’s an endless list, actually. 

Just simply look around and take notice. Of yourself. Of others. Of your surroundings. Do not judge. Just notice. Be appreciative of those little things like a nice banana, having fresh water, nice smelling shampoo, and the sunbeam peeking out from behind a cloud. Notice. Experience glimmers. 

This is your cue. Fill this one day with a long list of glimmers that you have chosen to recognize and appreciate. Then repeat again tomorrow. You got this.



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