Entrepreneurs Find Glimmers Eliminate Triggers and Inspire Productivity

by Oct 11, 2023

Glimmers help inspire entrepreneurs every single day. Glimmers are small moments of joy and inspiration that calm our nervous system. Inspirational glimmers are the opposite of triggers. They serve as stepping stones to increased productivity. Learn to recognize them and incorporate the positivity into your day. 

Entrepreneurs Find Glimmers Eliminate Triggers and Inspire Productivity


nspirational glimmers are micro-moments – brief experiences – that make us create feelings of safety and joy. They are the opposite of a trigger. 

Glimmers are all around you, and recognizing them is part of your self-care process. That sounds so canned and maybe even trite when faced with a continual barrage of negativity and things, people, and experiences that stress you out, but in all sincerity, it helps. 

It also helps to give yourself and others a break. If someone is truly evil – got it. Otherwise, no one is perfect. Be strong enough to love yourself and tell them, “allow me to be me, just like I allow you to be you.”  Eliminate judgment.

Are you familiar with metacognition?

It’s the awareness of your own thought processes, and it’s very helpful in improving your productivity and effectiveness. 

As related to glimmers, metacognition creates mindfulness and offers insights into why you’re more likely to follow through on a “to do list” or not. Metacognitive insights help you prepare your day so that you follow through and don’t feel like you let yourself down or experience trigger feelings – again. 

If you want to dig deeper into the autonomic nervous system, read up on Deb Dana, LCSW. Her explanation of the Polyvagal Theory simplifies it and offers you ways to honor the role of the autonomic nervous system.

Entrepreneurs find inspirational glimmers create self-motivation!


Finding your glimmers is not complicated. They are the words or experiences that make us feel safe. 

As a way to find your own glimmers, scroll through the list below, and use your own likes and dislikes to personalize it. Make the ideas your own. 

Let these suggestions help you recognize your own micro-moments. The glimmers that bring YOU joy.

What do I mean?

  1. Well, if I reference coffee but you drink juice, don’t get hung up on coffee and the argument that you don’t like it or can’t smell or how we should all avoid caffeine.
  2. If I say orange juice, don’t get hung up on pulp or no pulp, the wasted calories or how it really isn’t as nutritious as eating an orange.  

I get all it – and that’s okay! Question! Disagree! 

Recognizing your personal glimmers is about being flexible, not judging, not over-thinking and ridding yourself of continual negativity. It isn’t always easy. It’s a challenging world we’re living in! We need ways to cope. It’s not avoidance. We try things. It’s a coping strategy. 

So if I suggest coffee and you like tea… switch out the word.

If I reference steak and you are vegan, don’t get mad at me, just switch to a salad, and move on.

Glimmers I’ve collected are about my outlook and activity, not an argument. You be you. Appreciate your moments of joy.

A little guide to glimmers

What are inspirational glimmers?

Glimmers remind us and affirm how everything really is going our way.


  • feelings of joy and safety
  • everyday moments
  • being present in the moment
  • what gives you a sense of awe
  • walk in nature
  • something that makes you stop and smile

Even recognizable but very small moments of joy count when they create moments of “that’s the way I’d like to” feel or be or perform.

Recognize the good in everyday life and use it to inspire your day.

We all have incredible hurdles, and some people succumb to them for countless reasons. We’re not talking complex trauma. The point of glimmers is to help those that can and should possess coping techniques to help ourselves. It’s another tool in the toolbox. 

–  If your ties are self-imposed but in a way that you can and should handle yourself, let glimmers represent a new way to feel a sense of joy.

–  If life is just too busy and you are feeling overwhelmed or spinning out of control glimmers offer a sense of groundedness.

–  If you’re caught up in an onslaught of negative social media causing you to feel melancholy glimmers found in the present moment (such as seeing a rainbow) can help. 

It happens to all of us. I could personally write a series of books. There are loads of artificial solutions available to me, but I choose to be my full 100% aware self. I’m not relying on something artificial to make it alright. For some, there are medical reasons to medicate. That is not the case for me. 

For me, there’s no need for medication, and no artificial addition would ever make it alright. It would just take me longer to just do what I gotta do.

For those reasons, I tell myself to suck it up and keep going. Personal motivation is still wildly important though, and glimmers help.

How to use glimmers to find joy.

It’s easy to incorporate this mindfulness technique into your life.

Even the darkest hour can invoke both positive and negative thoughts and feelings.

The darkest hour comes before dawn, right? Someone can experience feeling angry or feeling lonely in that hour or find feelings of contentment. It’s all in how you look at it and the opportunity you create. 

Take these moments – call on a deeper sense and recognize them. 

Then what? 

—    Contemplate your awe or wonder over a break. 

—    Share the joy as you converse with others. 

—    Share the joy as you acknowledge and appreciate the actions of others. 

—    Spread peace and joy through social posts that are calming to others.

—    Use what you recognized to dispel a sense of depression or anxiety as you reflect on your day.

THEN affirm how everything really is going your way. 
Literally speak out loud.

If you are in front of people, who cares? Tell them this is how you remind yourself that you are great, that life is worth living, and no matter what there is goodness around you. 

If they care or pass judgement, that’s on them. Maybe they have a need for glimmers too. But that’s not for you to assume. Don’t pass judgement back. Just move on. Let them be them.


Embracing glimmers!

Examples with an explanation.

It was a chore to wash your sheets?

  • But now you get to go to sleep in freshly washed sheets!

You woke up early. Perhaps you woke up way too early?

  • Because of that, you got to hear birds chirping.

The birds woke you up? Oh… gee… so sorry!

  • Turn it around. So you get to laugh, admire their happy chirps, and write a quick note to go to bed earlier or put earplugs in tonight. You get an hour of early morning reruns…. Or an actual run. Take advantage of it.

You want to take a walk at some point. You have an errand to run at lunch. Then you get stuck in traffic. Now you’re late and won’t have enough time to run that errand.

  • What time is left over from not running the errand? Even if it’s 10 minutes you can sneak in a quick walk around the building or at home or wherever, AND you get to listen to 3 favorite songs.

It was 5 minutes??  Okay – so you get fresh air and 1 song. FIND THE POSITIVE.

You tripped on the sidewalk and got mad at yourself. You felt self- conscious?

  • Well looking up is good. You got to see a stranger smile at you. You got to laugh at the irony of wanting to keep your chin up but then tripping.

Are you a coffee drinker?  It’s the aroma as it brews.

Do you enjoy tea?  It’s that first sip.  

Glimmers are all around you. Consciously recognize them.

Speak it out loud.

“This first sip of tea is Awesome!”

“Thank goodness I made this coffee at home today with my favorite creamer. What did it cost me? 10 minutes and $1 for a couple total??? It smells amazing and I saved $6 on just today’s cup! Yay me!!”


SO YOU…. You do what you gotta do. If you want another method of finding happiness and goodness all around you, this is a way to actively DO that. Invoke hat positive emotional response. 

masaba joseph

Masaba Joseph

Creating positivity in your everyday life. Eliminate triggers and inspire productivity!

  • Enjoy the aroma of coffee beans.
  • Revel in the words on your favorite cup
  • Appreciate how the handle is so perfectly formed.
  • Feel the sunshine when you are outside.
  • Listen for bird sounds in Spring.
  • Hear leaves rustling in the breeze.
  • Watch the first flurries.
  • Watch flurries, knowing your boots still fit.
  • Watch snow fall, knowing you are safe inside.
  • As the snow falls be happy you prepared and have your scraper, shovel, coat & gloves handy.

Snowy conditions can be dangerous, yes. I’m not saying deny the obvious or be oblivious. I am saying, remove the negativity by seeing the good – even if knowing the only good is your preparation or maybe it’s only your awareness.

That is all okay. Living in a world of continuous negativity is painful. Glimmers are the opposite – like a walk in the park!

Sharing experiences counts as glimmers.

—    how you were listening to a singing bird outside

—    when you took time out at the beach to watch someone collect shells

—    how glad you are to have taken that walk 

Glimmers vs Triggers

Glimmers inspiring productivity at work!

 Things that make us happy and productive at work can be overlooked!

  • Your favorite pen has ink. Or be grateful it ran out of ink thus allowing you to choose a new favorite.
  • Be grateful for who showed up today or answered your call.
  • Be grateful you aren’t the one who didn’t show up today or left a call unanswered.
  • You figured it out yourself!
  • You checked another item off your to do list.
  • You hate making time in the morning but that daily plan kept you on track today.
  • You took a break just as the sunbeam came through the window and refracted.
  • Smile because you actually noticed the beam of sunshine coming through the window!
  • That hiccup forced you to handle an issue and you realized you embraced change.
  • You experienced how smart and resourceful you really are – even if that meant you were smart enough to develop your own expertise or find it elsewhere. 
  • Anticipate the shock of cold air as you walk out the door to your car and breathe it in  – or be grateful for your scarf.

Look around you. What are your glimmers? Your fleeting moments of joy and wonder. Do they change day by day?

More… Find glimmers in your surroundings.

  • A pretty holiday window.
  • The smell or deliciousness of freshly baked bread.
  • Stopping to pet an animal – any animal
  • Seeing cows in a field.
  • Or horses.
  • A pony!
  • Someone humming.
  • Feeling a soft blanket as you walk past it in the store
  • Scented stationary.
  • Gardening.
  • Watering 1 plant.
  • The fact that you remembered to water that one plant.
  • Someone whose posts are calming.

Find joy. Glimmers eliminate triggers and inspire productivity pretty much everywhere!

Leave less space for toxic positivity or triggers. 

There’s enough of it. Right? 

Replace fake with real. Replace feeling anxious and negativity with positive energy and results. Recognizing your great ideas leads to increased self-worth, which leads to increased productivity and a desire to promote your own health. It’s a positive cycle of things that bring us joy. 

What you think is powerful. Practicing mindfulness and practicing gratitude allows you to establish this connection with yourself as you feel more connected with your thoughts and emotions. You feel that sense of well-being. It makes us feel that even in the darkest moments, regaining control could be as simple as retraining our thoughts to focus on positivity. It recreates that sense of calm or connectedness that challenging moments temporarily destroy.

Today, be fully present and look at yourself without judgment! (Judgment? Judgement? Don’t judge!)

Fill this day with recognition of and appreciation for what’s going well. You got this.

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