Morning Mantras Empower Entrepreneurs

by Sep 28, 2023

Personal mantras harness the power of business affirmation and positivity to motivate entrepreneurs. Be empowered and inspired along your entrepreneurial journey. Mantras in the form of affirmations for entrepreneurs offset negative thoughts and help lead you to business success.



Morning Mantras Empower Entrepreneurs

Personal mantras are positive phrases which work much like affirmations. 

The purpose of morning mantras is to motivate, encourage you and help you create focus. 

Where personal mantra are any positive words you choose to repeat to yourself, spiritual mantras relate to your religious beliefs and have traditional meanings.

The mantra suggestions we suggest are not spiritual or religious based. There’s no push in any direction except your own personal satisfaction with life and your progress. 

What is a mantra?

According to the Oxford dictionary, mantras originated Hinduism and Buddhism, and are words or sounds repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

A mantra translated from its Sanskrit origin literally means it is a tool of the mind, very similar to a positive affirmation. describes mantras as a motivating chant, like “I think I can. I think I can.”

Using this example, you might have already used this process by repeating “I think I can. I think I can” over and over to yourself as you ran the final stretch of one of life’s literal or figurative marathons!


The intention is to make a change within you.  

Each mantra has its own power and intention behind it. Personal mantras are as personal as starting a business!

This particular list of morning mantras is geared toward your self-development and personal motivation to be better equipped to handle change. Young entrepreneurs and seasoned pros benefit from positivity! (of course!) 

Every successful entrepreneur knows you must include positive thinking into your consideration of life and business. 

Your successful business depends upon you. Achieving success in business depends upon you embracing change. 

How will you use entrepreneurial mantras to empower you towards success?

Use them to:

  • Set your intentions.
  • Create positive energy.
  • Develop awareness.

How entrepreneurs say morning mantras.

  • Say them in peace.
  • Say them in your head.
  • Say, recite, chant, or sing them to music.
  • Repeat them.

Repeat them? Yes! 

Traditionally mantras were recited many times. Specifically they were recited 12, 17, 54, or 108 times.

Why 108? Traditionally mantras might be said using mala beads, similar to Catholics praying with a rosary. There are 108 Mala beads on necklace.

To be technical, sometimes you’ll see a separate, additional bead at the end of a mala bead necklace. This additional 109th bead is called a Sumeru, Bindu, Stupa or Guru bead. It symbolizes the guru who gave the necklace or mantra to the student. 

Image of yellow flowers with text. Morning mantras start your day with positive intentions and self-belief

If you want rules, apply the traditional rules.

More importantly, is that you set time aside in your day to affirm your beliefs and intentions in yourself and your business.

Your self-care toolkit has affirmations, manifestations, vision boards, inspirational quotes, motivational pictures, and now mantras.

You have so much positivity around you. Let it all sink in and help you work magic. (notice how I used work and magic in the same sentence.)

Effort is actually part of your equation.

How to develop your own personal mantras. 

Refer to them as business affirmations for entrepreneurs if you wish. Business owners appreciate quotes for success, no matter how they are categorized. 

Reflect on what it is you would like to work on in your life or in yourself right now.

  • What is your intention?
  • What is your focus?
  • What do you want to call in?
  • What do you want less of?
  • What do you want to align your life with?

Any meaningful affirmation to you can be used as your personal mantra. The guiding principles of saying a mantra are:

  • Believable. You must believe in it.
  • Specific. Make it specific to whatever you seek.
  • Personal. It should be personalized to your life and situation.
  • Positive. Mantras radiate positivity.
  • Memorable. Make it easy for you to remember.

What is a good mantra for a business owner?

A good mantra is any affirmative phrase that is positive and you strongly believe in.


Why bother?

Bother because you have a dream. The average human life is relatively short, and you will only live the life you create for yourself. 

So go create it. Take your shot. 

Everything changes every single second. If you failed yesterday, take another chance today. 

Begin. Even if you have no idea if it will work. Take your shot. Bring your dream alive. 

Clock with text that reads It's about time.



It’s time to…


Get yourself together

Fix what can be fixed

Improve your thoughts

Read more books

Indulge in self-development

Work on your moods

Get stronger and healthier

Work on yourself

Be full of self-love

Improve on your weaknesses

Be comfortable about growth

Outgrow yourself

Be who you were meant to be



Inspire your journey towards success!

~     I am the architect of my life.

~     I am capable of achieving my goals.

~     I don’t wish for things, I work for them.

~     I desire greatness and I work for it.

~     I get out of my comfort zone to achieve my dreams.

~     I don’t have to go fast, I just have to go.

~     I focus on small and consistent actions.

~     I generate unstoppable momentum with every step I take toward my goal.

~     My passion pushes me to work towards my dreams.

~     The only way out is through.

~     I am proud of my accomplishments, they motivate me to continue.

~     I know bad times are temporary and I choose to push through.

~     I no longer allow fear to rule me.

~     I move forward with courage.

~     The best way to get something done is to begin.

~     I am free from others’ opinions of me.

The 5 word Mantra Meditation. Release, Peace, Tranquility, Love, Joy

Simply say positive words: 


~     Release.  Peace. Tranquility.  Love.  Joy.



~     Rest.  Serenity.  Dreaming.  Focused.  Achieving.

Powerful business affirmations make for inspiring quotes and mantras!

~     I control my choices.

~     Whatever happens, I’ll handle it.

~     I am not responsible for the feelings of others. 

~     This is tough but so am I.

~     Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

~     I am capable.

~     I am the change I want to see!

~     I know if it doesn’t challenge me, it won’t change me!

~     I use metacognition to create projects I find interesting.

~     I make my learnings relevant by using them to tackle future problems.

~     Remember big ideas start small.

Successful people stay positive! 
Here are more quotes to help you achieve.

~     I have GRIT and I don’t quit!

~     Whether I believe I can or believe I can’t, I’m right. 

~     It’s okay for me to succeed and celebrate my success.

~     I will keep going until I’m proud.

~     My positive attitude puts me halfway there.

~     Chances aren’t given, they’re taken.

~     It’s worth doing and so I’m giving it my best effort.

~     Today, I will try something new!

~     I can do hard things!

~     Limits exist only in my mind.

~     I live life to the fullest. I am safe. I am calm. I can handle this.

Success isn't overnight. It's when every day you get a little better than before. It adds up. quote by Dwayne Johnson

Create a positive mantra around setbacks and challenges. 

~     Mistakes are opportunities to grow.

~     Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. 

~     Mistakes are expected, inspected, and corrected.

~     If what I’m doing isn’t working, then what I’m doing has to change.

~     I can’t do it…YET but I’ve got my eye on the prize!

~     I fail now, so I can master later.

~     FAIL  =  First Attempt In Learning

~     I truly believe mistakes are how I learn.

~     I’m not perfect, I’m learning.

~     Patience, perseverance, and practice.

~     I do my best and learn from my mistakes.

~     Sometimes I just need more time.

~     I make it my intention to process information, practice, and apply it.

~     I developed my network into a caring community.

~     I cultivate connection, encourage collaboration, and always show compassion.

~     I find honest feedback from customers supportive, enabling, and empowering.

~    Positivity in the worst times is superpower.

~     Critical thinking frees my mind and offers me fresh perspective.

~     Success in life is the goal, and my timing is my timing.

~     Affirmations are important because mind over matter prevails.

~     I control my time; my time doesn’t control me.

~     Struggle is not a strategy.

~     Busy being busy is unproductive procrastination.

It’s important for entrepreneurs to remember that regardless of origin, affirmations are a helpful tool in leading you to financial success and business success.  

As you can see, the rules are to follow traditional mantra rules, create your own – or don’t have any rules at all! 

Your mantras are your mantras. My mantras are my mantras.

There’s no right one. 
There’s no right time to say them and no right way to say them.

What’s awesome to me may be cliché to you.
Our mantras contain pearls of wisdom that are meaningful to us.

If no one else gets it, that’s fine. That’s why they have their own mantras.

They can be technical, simplistic or unsophisticated. It matters not.

What matters is that the phrases contain fundamental truths about what matters to You.

You’ll find that mantras and affirmations work. These positive statements help refocus your life. Use mantras to help create positive change. Small business owners must maintain a positive mindset. Running a business requires a positive mindset. Consider it a measure of success especially when running your own business! Make eliminating negative thinking part of your self-care routine. Make positive thinking a business decision.  

Mantras help you keep focused on profitable business. They give you the ability to make hurdles just something you handle seamlessly along your path to success. You’re ready!

Incorporate personal mantras into your daily routine. Bring what you want in life To Life.

You got this.



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