50 Proven Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

by Apr 1, 2023

Increase your personal effectiveness by incorporating these 50 proven self-care tips for entrepreneurs into your life. Improving your mental and physical health increases your ability to focus and follow through on your goals with more energy, manage stress, and better overall health. Entrepreneurs with a solid self-care routine make running a business look like a breeze!

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Self-care is about doing things to help you live well and improve both your mental and physical health. Practicing self-care is not time wasted! Caring for your mental and physical health helps Increase your personal effectiveness. More energy, managing stress, and improving your overall health can improve your ability to focus and your desire to follow through on your business objectives. Make the time. Take the time.

As a business owner, improving your well-being and your motivation is a huge win! 

Health and wellness is the opposite of ignoring issues, pretending, or faking happiness. Taking time for self-care means you are compartmentalizing and allowing yourself to see the good – and the benefits of appreciating that goodness. Self-care for entrepreneurs allows you to have a work-life balance, and practice mindfulness. 

Allow positivity to flow into your business life. Reap the benefits and maximize your entrepreneurship along the way!


One day equals eighty-six thousand and four hundred seconds. Make every one count


86,400 seconds

 Self-care as an entrepreneur helps keep you moving forward with your eye on the prize.


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 Think Positive


 A Benefit of Positive Thinking:  according to the Mayo Clinic, the #1 benefit of positive thinking is an increased life span. And if that wasn’t enough, know it helps increase coping skills and cardiovascular health while also listed is aiding in the relief of depression, pain, and even cancer.

 Incorporate these 50 proven self-care tips into your daily routine and experience the difference! 


1.      No toxic positivity. Be real today. Start today with a commitment to reality.


2.     Find five positives today. Recognize what is good and positive. Notice your many positives, silver linings, and small blessings; celebrate them by literally saying:

 ~  I appreciate this person holding the door for me!

~  I am open to positive vibes and am so happy I had the opportunity to open the door for this person!

~  I am so happy I had enough coffee left to make another cup for myself this morning!

~  I am so happy I made time to stop at the store and pick up more coffee for tomorrow!

~  I am so happy I woke up today and received the 86,400 seconds of this day!


3.     Turn negatives into positives today.

For example:


+  While waiting in line, I got to see 3 people say “thank you.”

+  While waiting in line, I didn’t notice anyone saying “thank you,” so I made the cashier’s day with my smile and sincere appreciation.

+  While driving slowly in traffic today, I got to see five people use their turn signals.

+   I bought new cream and don’t really like it, so I’m happy to say my fav is still holding 1st place.


4.    Eat healthy food today. Think “my plate” and make good choices.


5.    Drink plenty of water today.


6.    Make today a day of good personal hygiene. Soap, water, bathe or shower. (Yes. An actual suggestion!)


7.     Breathe fresh air. Bonus – if it’s sunny, you get to soak up some vitamin D. Go outside, open a window, stand by the door. Do whatever works for you.


8.    Take a walk. Fast, slow, outside, through a museum, window shop – learn and muse – and be at peace


9.     Spend time alone today. Consciously appreciate you.


10.   Meditate briefly or for however long. Open your chakras today.


11.    Massage your face and/or your shoulders.


12.    Stretch. Even for a moment.


13.    Journal. Or simply write an intentional to-do list.


14.   Relax. However you do! Walk, run, play piano. Sit and watch traffic. Whatever relaxes you, take 10 minutes or an hour but genuinely relax.


15.   Incorporate healing, relaxing frequencies and light into your life.


16.   Rest. Plan to rest and get enough sleep today.


17.    Allow “evolve or remain” thinking to motivate you!


Fact:  Positive thinking literally changes the way your brain

is structured! According to Norman Doidge M.D., our minds

have the capacity to form new neural pathways

by thinking differently, which can actually alter the structure

of your brain to disrupt negative thinking patterns.


Talk about the power of positive thinking!

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The importance of self-care shines through in these particular tips 

18.  Hold compassion for yourself today. Hold space for you. Allow yourself to feel so you can acknowledge and let go of any toxicity.


19.  Find inspiration – in nature. In a motivational speaker. Remember from The Sun Is Rising, “there’s a promise for those who hold on.”


20.   Appreciate flowers at home, in a grocery store, out your window –   wherever they are. Appreciate the blooms you see today. They bloom for everyone.


21.      Whistle while you work. Try it and be one of the 7 dwarfs – or belt it out like Katy Tiz, and sing to yourself.


22.   Keep something happy with you today something that reminds you of your why, a fun cup, or wear today’s perfect color.


23.    Chin up, eyes up. Literally.


24.    Call yourself out if you stand in the way of your own positivity. If there is any difficult conversation you need to have with yourself, have it.


For example, today: If you planned to be sad or less than your great self, go take the moment, get some water, breathe, and get yourself right.


25.    Take intentional deep breaths. Use an app or guide if you want.


26.    Appreciate that these are your rules. You control this list of positivity.


The words you speak become the house you live in. image with flowers


The words you speak become the house you live in.


SPEAK! Successful business people use their voices! 

27.   Say Affirmations. Create your own and say them all week.

I will show up today because I am worth showing up for.

I am exceptional.

 I am a masterpiece.



28.    Manifest a desire. 

My beautiful soul was not put on this planet to listen to the enemy

in my mind telling me I am not good enough.

That enemy is behind me now.

29.    Read inspirational quotes.


30.    Read anything inspirational out loud – books, chapters, passages, poetry.


31.      Sing. Makeup words. Whatever. Just sing.


32.   Laugh. Laugh at not knowing the words to the song you just sang with on the radio. Or that you can only remember the words to happy birthday. Then smile, knowing we’re all with you on that!


33.    Practice the pause. It will make 32 and 33 much easier.


34.    All positive communication today – no salt, no insinuation, no sarcasm, no cynicism, no veiled frustration, and No Toxic Positivity.


35.    All positive internal responses today. You can’t control someone else’s actions or words, so control how you respond.


36.    Make sure you follow positivity on Social media. A few minutes of non-confrontational, non-stress-inducing social scrolling is totally fine. Pull up positive influences and soak in their words, and their pictures, leave nice comments back, and improve their day. Share some goodness.



Check out a few Inspirational quotes to share on social media

Sitting by the riverfront wearing tennis shoes with a lemon water drink and text Everything will be ok.

Especially for business owners

Be inspired by your dream and your path!


37.    Show up for you today: because you and your business are worth showing up for.


38.    Business plan:  have a plan or create it now. Know where you are headed – your purpose. Validate your vision and your mission.


39.    8:8:8  Plan business objectives, personal time, and rest. Prioritize all three areas. 


40.    No tech before noon. No time wasters. Know your objectives & accomplish them.

     Yes. This is a form of self-care. You need to take care of your physical and mental health, right? Tech time absolutely relates!


41.     Mono task, for part of today, do not multitask. Appreciate the brain break and ability to focus.


42.   Learn something new today – about your target market, the lifecycle of a competitive product – anything supporting your vision and mission.


Self care isn't selfish sign


More ways to practice self-care!

43.    Hobbies:  get yourself up to 5

 One to make you money

 One to evolve your mindset

 One to keep you creative

 One to build your knowledge

 One to keep you in shape


44.    Detox. Drink water, remove fried and prepackaged food from your diet. List what works & set a realistic goal.


45.    Start an exercise regime with the approval of your doc. Walking, yoga, home, at a gym – whatever is approved of and inspires you.

46.    Create a Vision board –  business related or personal or a combo. Literally start with favorite or inspiring anything and see where it goes.

47.    Revamp a song list or social following. Create a positive place to go – a place you know is positive and only awesome.

48.    Unclutter…. Something. A drawer. A cubby. A spot in your brain.

49.    Fix something that is broken. Make a start. Take a step. Could be easy. Could be difficult. Could be weeding a garden to ensure your plants have room to develop and bloom.

50.    Surround yourself with good, positive people. For a day. For a week. For Ever. When surrounded by positivity, empowering beliefs will help you see life as happening for you instead of to you.

      Practice self-care 

     If you hear this enough, maybe you’ll do it, right?! 

    According to recent study results published by Study Finds, approximately 75% of respondents recognize the benefits of self-care, which is great, but of those recognizing and implementing self-care practices, most do it when stressed. Don’t wait. Head off as much stress as possible by including effective self-care practices into your daily routine!

    Collect your energy givers:  fresh air, whole food, hydration, movement, rest, nature, art, POSITIVITY, and all that are meaningful and possible in this day.

    Your energy givers may also include your local coffee shop, getting a few extra hours of sleep, driving around the block vs. walking, and/or any of your daily favorites! If you think to ask you drive – go! What works is different for everyone. Be empowered!


Purposely – there is no recommended best solution or most effective practice. Our circumstances – and selves – our daily routines and the ways we are comfortable practicing self-care are all unique. There’s no right or wrong! Maximize YOUR personality, needs, and circumstances for all 86,400 seconds of this day you’ve been given. That makes sense, right? You Do You – just DO it! 

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