Entrepreneurs! Create A Vision Board For Your Business: Fall 2023

by Aug 12, 2023

As successful entrepreneurs soak up that summer heat and every ray of sunshine, they keep their eyes focused on the prize with the help of vision boards. Know the vision for your business, the cycle it follows, and plan appropriately. Fall vision boards and dream boards create focus, increase motivation, and help us appreciate the season. Create a vision board to help ensure you treat your business like a business. 

Entrepreneurs! Create A Vision Board For Your Business: Fall 2023

While enjoying summer, keep thinking about your goals and dreams, and keep thinking Fall. What steps must you take now? What needs to be in place so you can execute flawlessly after Labor Day?

I know you know this. It’s a reminder. It’s a smile and a motivational Push to keep you moving!

You can joke and say, “it’s not brain surgery,” but continually motivating yourself is sometimes just as difficult.

Why make a vision board? 

Visualization is a powerful exercise.

Creating a vision board for your business creates a tangible form of visualization that helps you focus on your goals.

Vision boards are typically part of our big-picture mindset. It doesn’t have to be though. You can create a vision board showing your end-goal or you can create them for a season or a project. It’s different for everyone. 

It’s easy to get lost along your way. You work so hard and know what you want your life to look like, and what you want in life. You are clear on your goals and the life you want … but sometimes dreams and goals take a backseat. They may even get trampled and get lost in the day-to-day minutia and grind. 

Your dream job deserves to be at the forefront of your thoughts. Your new vision board takes your primary focus and makes what you want to manifest a reality – because it keeps you striving toward that goal.  

The key is to keep it accessible – to keep it in front of you. 

Your vision board helps with goal-setting and then your vision board process takes it a step further. It helps you define and keep your ultimate dream top of mind, and because it is in a place where you can see it every day, it effectively helps to keep you motivated and more likely to achieve your goals. 



Autumn its go time with quote "to achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.



Creating your vision board. The timing. Why now? 

Dreams happen at any time of the day and any time of the year and the same is true for vision boards!

Why not New Year’s Eve?

We need you motivated today and every day, so timing doesn’t matter.

Is it best for you to wait 6 more months until New Year’s Eve? Absolutely not! Can you update it then? Of course!!

You can create 1 vision board for the year or 1 every month. You can keep it the same or change it up with the earth’s seasons or the seasonality of your brand. 


Why Fall? 

  • It’s a new season and you may act with a different level of motivation.
  • Autumn is your favorite time of year, and you need to enjoy it.
  • Fall is your busiest time of year, and you need to create balance.


  • Maybe business is slow – and less motivating.
  • Maybe business is brisk and overwhelming – and less motivating.


  • Perhaps you’re launching a new marketing campaign and need focus.
  • Maybe you have so many moving parts that you need a business tool to help you create calm and focus.
  • Maybe you know mornings are your weakest link and you need a powerful tool to get you focused and moving on your business priorities.
  • A collage of fall color tied to your business goals helps you successfully transition into this new season.


Fall Vision Board -Entrepreneurs! Create A Vision Board For Your Business: Fall 2023




3 simple steps to creating a vision board for your business!

1.)  Start by asking yourself:  What is my primary focus right now? 

Visualize your ideal life and your dream job. Think about work and at home, and create that dream in picture form.

  • Consider everything you want. 
  • Visualize the words.
  • Visualize the color. 

2.)  Consider the best form. How do you want to look at your vision board every day? Decide if it should be a physical vision board or digital vision board.


A physical board:

  • Do you want a physical board to look at each day? Something physically present that you can actually touch as you walk by. Do you want to create something that travels with you? Maybe a screen saver or picture on which you can click. 
  • Make your vision board fit your needs. You’re more likely to use the board and experience the benefits if you create one that fits your personal life and work life. 
  • Create a physical vision board if you want to place it in your home, office, or car. 
  • You can buy a poster board, use a wall, or attach pictures to your doorway. Maybe you want to use your mirror as the background! Whatever is accessible and available to you. You can literally use glue or tape. 


A digital board:

  • Create a digital version if the board helps while you are traveling or on the go. 
  • Design your own using software such as PowerPoint or Word, or use the support of a board app to inspire you. Some apps such as Canva are available for use on your desktop, on IOS or Android device. Others are more specific such as Udreamr for your desktop, and free versions of Vision Board (Android) or Corkulous (IOS) but can serve to inspire you to accomplish more.   
  • Try a couple. Read the reviews. Choose the one that speaks to you!

Your most effective board will not come from paying for a service. Your most effective board comes from inside you. If you draw a cloud with a crayon and a quote inside with a pen and you are inspired, that’s all that matters. 

The cost of your vision board has nothing to do with spending hard earned cash to create something pretty. The cost of your vision board is related to your motivation and follow through. It can cost you a lot. Or earn you a lot. Your choice.


What to include on your vision board?

3.)  You want to create the visual representation of your dreams and goals – that ultimate life and job. 

  • It can be simple, or it can be busy. It can be colored or black and white. When you work on your vision board, let your creativity come through. If you used a vision board before, or used dream boards or cork boards in the past, this is no different. 
  • Vision boards are typically a collection of images, quotes, or anything symbolizing your goal.
  • It can be something you print, draw, glue, Sometimes you might find physical items that represent your goal.

If it has meaning to you. If it creates a feeling. If it creates excitement – it will drive you. It will motivate you to follow through.

Your vision board is literally whatever you want it to be!

The only requirement:  your vision board ideas must motivate and inspire you.


Look for images, quotes and/or words that capture the essence of your business, your dreams and you goals. 

  • Your board can be flat, or it can be textured. It can be anything you want it to be. 
  • Most vision boards include a combination of images and inspirational words. 
  • Look for digital images on your phone, the internet, labels, magazines. Images that represent your goals. Take a walk and snap pictures of whatever inspires you. 
  • Postcards, mementos, shells, leaves.
  • Words. Find them on a sign. Painted on a building. In an advertisement. Type them out yourself.  
Get a grip. Fall my goals are solid



How to use your vision board!

Place it somewhere within eyesight.  

If it’s digital and not your screensaver, then literally plan 5 minutes into the start of your day, to open it and reflect upon it. Think seriously about your plan and what you want to accomplish. Include it in your daily planning time, your affirmations, meditation, and time spent manifesting.

The goal is to share your vision, focus on your business and lose sight of distractions.


Don’t underestimate the power of a vision board

It helps create your vision. 

It helps you achieve your goals. 

This powerful tool helps you create your dream life. 


Your vision board is a collection of pieces that represent your big pictures and goals you want to achieve. These images keep you motivated and help you stay on track.  

Small business owners stay on track because they want to stay on track. They want to achieve their goals. 

You know what you are working toward and know having a visual representation through a vision board can help you reach your goals. Dream big. Get inspired. You got this. 

How Successful Entrepreneurs Motivate Themselves and Stay Motivated (envisionaryme.com)


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