Take College Seriously. Entrepreneurship Majors Must Study

by Mar 20, 2024

College is obviously a huge financial investment. College is also an investment in time, emotions, and your development. Prioritize yourself. Get organized, and develop ways to study that benefit your life, your brain, and your future. Ever wondered who makes it in this world? Any survey will tell you it’s those people that focused on what mattered, took themselves seriously, and gained life-skills that helped manage their tasks and sanity as they developed their skillset.  


Take College Seriously. Entrepreneurship Majors Must Study



Entrepreneurs are tough enough to handle change after change, hurdle after hurdle, and weather storm after storm. College is the place you start developing a serious sense of self and business skills.

College is where your ability to study and focus translates into knowledge and skill that pay back for a lifetime. 


Why must you study?

  • Your independence requires the knowledge you’ll gain in college. 
  • Your business requires the skillset you’ll develop in college.
  • Successful entrepreneurs manage expenses.
  • Self-motivation is key to entrepreneurial success.
  • Your well-being depends upon your ability to manage your priorities.


You need the study habits.

Don’t waste your investment in the coursework or yourself. 


You need the methodology.

It’s not a method to madness. It’s the methodology that saves you from madness later! You won’t absorb it all and that’s okay. You gain a lot of knowledge though and what you gain here and now aids in your ability to further develop the hard and soft skills you need to run your successful business.


Learn now:


“Life’s tough. Get a helmet.”  ~ Candace Owens


I don’t care about your political stance or hers. Life IS tough, and you DO need a helmet.

If you can’t get through college – or whatever training best suits your future, you do not belong in entrepreneurship. 




Students Studying





Your independence requires the knowledge you’ll gain in college.


The #1 reason entrepreneurs must study:   You need this knowledge and the skillset you can develop in school to make you a stronger, better, smarter, wise, able, and capable business owner. 



So this TikTok video starts with the question, “when are we going to stop complaining?” and the guy goes on to explain where he’s at in life.

Both guys make a great point for entrepreneurs. 


Entrepreneurs discuss hurdles and solutions for overcoming them, but you’ll find entrepreneurs don’t have time to simply complain. Focus on the issue as an opportunity and find the solution. You’ll do this over and over.

What I like about the primary speaker is that he’s real. He’s kind. He’s true to himself and he’s trying to figure it out. He knows he’s not there yet, but he’s got fair goals. 

Being real and knowing where you are at is NOT complaining. It’s taking yourself out of dreamland, understanding what you’ve got to work with, and then finding a solution.

I hope that video gets you thinking. 


As an entrepreneur, you Are on your own. You have chosen to own your future. Congratulations!! 

But that decision comes without a safety net. It’s important for your to grasp the fact that you own your win and own your failures, so planning and preplanning and being fully aware are critically important for you. 

Developing your own business doesn’t mean you are alone though – at least you don’t have to be. You should take advantage of all support, network, and create a web of positivity around you.

Developing your own business means you work for yourself but not by yourself. You need partners to help you develop that network, to help you grow your business prospects and your skills. 




Your business requires the skillset you develop in college. 




Steve Jobs Quote





Successful entrepreneurs manage expenses.


Your time spent in class and then spent not following through is now time wasted. If you can’t take yourself seriously, you seriously need to reevaluate your career choice.

You’ll be hit with personal and business expenses immediately. It’s not just important, it’s IMPERATIVE that you understand the following: 

  • Understand your income and expenses
  • Reduce your expenses
  • Increase your income
  • Automate your savings
  • Manage your debt
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Invest in your future


Not enough credit is given to the practice of planning for tomorrow and saving. YES life is so difficult and the expenses of simply living are huge.

Don’t think you are the only one or that things are so much worse today. The Great Depression existed. People flee countries with nothing and start over. Understand your income and expenses. Practice saving. If you can save $10 a week or a $1 a week – whatever it is, focus on the habit of foregoing an expensive cup of coffee or whatever you buy in order to choose free and save that money. Getting into that practice will add up quickly or slowly but it will add up.


Do not rely on credit cards to get by. Do not spend what you do not have.

Understand that paying in November, not paying in December or January, and then paying extra in February cost you a mint. As in money. You are creating such a loss. Do not spend what you do not have. Pick up extra work. Go for a walk. Reuse. Recycle. Do what you must to become financially responsible.

Your expenses include all the things you spend money on, big and small. There’s no excuse for wanting something and spending on something you think you need mentally instead of saving. No one “needs” expensive coffee and the added expense of not saving or not paying that credit card statement off in full. 




Self-motivation is key to entrepreneurial success.


Study skills matter because they are part of your strategy.

Exams are important because you need to pass in order to graduate, of course. Many students do not correlate the academic assignment with good study skills, and therefore the time they spend studying may not be enough or may not pay back. 


“This is your year to bloom, to overcome, and to shine. Be bold, be fearless, and be unapologetically yourself.”  ~ Carrie Marie Bush

Self-motivation in action looks like this. 

  • Motivate yourself to connect with your professors.
  • Ask questions and ask for help, while being motivated enough to set study times, use a schedule to your advantage.
  • You purposely eliminate distractions. 
  • It’s understanding you need to be worth your professor’s time and not just because you paid to attend the class. The self-motivated understand that difference! So grasp all you can. 
  • The self-motivated understand their college classes aren’t in the way. They are why you exist as a college student right now. 
  • Reviews, deadlines, grades, and time management are part of the deal you signed-up for and paid for. The hours per day add up to hours per week on a campus and yeah, it should feel like a good place and a full-time job. It should feel GOOD. 


When times get tough, remember who you are. Remember why you are in school. Focus on the value of both. 





The fact is: Student study habits matter, and they affect your well-being.


Life is an incredible gift, and it’s Full of unexpected adventures. Chances are you will live long and so the habits you develop today are more important than you know.

Your well-being and the well-being of your business depends upon your ability to manage business and personal priorities.

Right now – developing effective study habits is a priority. Utilizing good study habits positively impacts your personal well-being and your future business effectiveness and skillset. 

How do your study habits affect your well-being as an entrepreneur? 
They help you: 

  • Manage debt effectively
  • Understand the value of fiscal responsibility
  • Grasp that saving for your future relates to every personal and business priority
  • Prioritize, which allows you to balance fun, self-care, family, friends, and school requirements 
  • Literally feel how prioritizing leads to less stress
  • Helps eliminate the need to cram

Your future success begins with the understanding of why you must study.

It’s not about old people harping on you – or saying words like “harping.” 

It’s about you, the college student, also being the mature adult who intends to run a business.  

  • Keep your eye on the prize
  • Every step counts. Grow slowly if you must – but grow.
  • Know where you are headed.

You really are all that. You got this.



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