Stop Embracing Change: Excuses for Entrepreneurs

by Mar 9, 2023

Embrace change! Entrepreneurs Take Risks!  

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners embrace change and take reasonable risks. They are calculated risk-takers who do not shy away from maximizing opportunities that could lead to greatness. Managed risk and calculated risk create leverage – very different than making decisions and tolerating actions based on feelings and not backed by facts, true potential, or a plan. 

Why embrace change? Who embraces change?   

Great leaders embrace change. Successful entrepreneurs embrace change. And they don’t just do it; it’s part of a process. 

We know this, right? But doesn’t everyone say “embrace change” like it’s some sort of cliche but stop short of actually doing it? Deep down, most of us think change is scary, and calling it “risk” is even worse. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than failing and falling flat on your face! 

The difference is that embracing change involves a willingness to take risks, but not just any risk: CALCULATED RISK. 

Leadership, becoming an investor, becoming a successful founder, and creating a startup ALL require embracing change and using the lessons learned to further develop as a person – and also develop the opportunity! It’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit! 

But again, I do understand. You tell me your situation is unique. You know yourself best. You know what’s best for you. You know what’s best for your company And your employee, i.e., YOU, right?!  You think it’s enough with this embrace change sh^*  …I mean, STUFF.

Again – everybody talks about it. No one does it. 

How’s that for being assumptive? Everybody. No one. Like, I know. 

Isn’t that the point, though? I do know. Just like You know your business. You can choose to dispose of everybody’s advice and tips. But don’t!

Let’s talk about HOW to embrace change!

It’s not difficult. It’s a blend of mindset and considering key factors: 

  • the type of risk
  • the level of risk
  • specifically, the level of financial risk
  • your personal risk tolerance
  • your business needs
  • the business climate

Your path to achievement – in fact, your daily life as a business owner – involves risk and the plan for a payoff.  Embracing change is NOT about being a gambler for the sake of gambling. There is some instinct to this. There’s an understanding of the tradeoff between certainty and growth, too. Yes. All of that exists. Your goal is to lessen that gap so that your new idea can move forward. It’s a risk taken, paired with an educated assumption of a positive end result. Not a wish. A calculated, well-thought-out new venture.  Sound less scary? I think so.  When you consider embracing change and accepting risk in your business as part of stretching your comfort zone, it makes you want to check out more new ideas. You won’t shy away from opportunity. You will start thinking of embracing change as part of creating a sustainable business, not just a blind leap of faith. 

Results of Embracing Change. Butterfly on flower

Successful entrepreneurs claim:

  • Embracing change is good for your mental health
  • Embracing change is good for your soul
  • Embracing change is literally good for your heart
  • Embracing change promotes creativity
  • Embracing change leads to recognizing new opportunities
  • Embracing change maximizes your growth mindset

Truth:  incorporating risk management into your action plan is progress!

The Bottom-line calculation: 

  • Embracing change is good for you
  • Embracing change is good for your business 

But what if you disagree?? 

Are you thinking “hogwash?”

Enjoying the Hogwash

You may think so. 

No, literally – you might be thinking it’s hogwash, AND you have the right to think so.  I give you permission! 

But seriously, very simply put:

Embracing change is about accepting: change may lead to something positive.

You might learn something. You might evolve as part of the process. 

As an entrepreneur, evolving is part of progress. Successful entrepreneurs need to evolve. Right? 

You still say, “no?” Perhaps that’s not your future plan. Perhaps you like things just as they are. 

Perhaps really, you just already know everything, and it would be perfectly perfect to keep everything just the way it is. No movement. No change. Enough progress has already been made. 

Understood. Message received. 

Check this out: Embracing change vs. NOT embracing change!

Here are positive quotes about change – most proven as fact – and the naysayer’s response! Laugh with me! 

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 

Envisionary Me does not argue with Einstein. 

The naysayer, a self-proclaimed intelligent person on the level of Einstein, might argue – it’s “a” measure of intelligence. Just one factor. A single factor. Maybe not even the most important factor.

Harold Wilson says, “he who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

Envisionary me says, “Ouch!” and that’s about all I can say about that.

However, Naysayer, you go ahead and argue about the cemetery being an institution.

Eleanor Brownn with 2 N’s reminds us that “change is hard. Resisting change, a lot harder.” 

Envisionary Me believes, she makes a point that the do-gooders and gurus also wish you’d listen to, but hey…

Naysayers…. you go ahead and maintain your independence. Choose your hard.

Lisa Bodell suggests you take a teamwork approach. She says, “change cannot be put on people. The best way to instill change is to do it with them. Create it with them.” 

Envisionary Me agrees wholeheartedly. 

But I hear ya, Naysayer – you’re a party of 1. Fiercely independent. No teamwork even desired here except the all-knowing team of Me, Myself, and I – who all voted down Lisa Bodell’s approach.

Jack Canfield tells us that “most everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” 

Envisionary me agrees 100% and has seen continual results and greatness achieved. 

The Naysayer places emphasis on “most” and the definition of “most,” which is not all. 


Walter Breuning tells us to “embrace change, even when the change slaps you in the face.”

Envisionary Me sees this as a wake-up call. A “hey, don’t miss out” kind of slap. 

The Naysayer says, “What? If you don’t embrace it, you don’t get slapped?” (Envisionary Me is not sure it works that way, but okay.)

Same Shit, Different Day

Evolve! Define yourself as a risk-taker!

Here is how!

When faced with everyday situations, react differently: 

Situation: The computer software updated overnight, and the software company sent a 5-minute review and tutorial on what changed and the updated steps to follow.

  • The Old You:  would simply ignore the tutorial, thinking you were too busy or it would be a hassle. Later, you would get angry after still not being able to find the file you needed 5 hours prior had been moved as part of the software update. 
  • THE NEW YOU:  Took the 5 minutes and took the tutorial. You had no issues finding the file that afternoon. 

Situation:   You love owning your own business. You quit your job to focus on it, and every day you think about how cool it is to wake up late, binge-watch shows a few hours a day, and you get to the gym a lot. This is the best life, you think, though you do have a lot of bills. You aren’t sure when you’ll pay them or how to purchase new materials because you aren’t sure when people will start buying your stuff. 

  • The Old You: would simply keep on keepin’ on. You tell yourself you are doing great, just great. 
  • THE NEW YOU:  plans marketing and sales objectives into your daily schedule, which is based on the 8:8:8 system. You have time to watch tv and go to the gym, and you took on a part-time job at the gym to keep money flowing in until sales develop. 

Situation: You didn’t create a business plan. Or a marketing plan. Or a strategy of any kind. Spreadsheets are not your thing. You just want to make stuff. It needs to be profitable, though. You have bills to pay – and they are late.

  • The Old You:  would remain frozen in place. A computerized spreadsheet is the way to go, you assume, but you don’t understand Excel or Sheets. You “can’t” grab a pen and paper and won’t consider Any other option. You think you don’t have time for this. You just make stuff and hope for the best. I’d say maybe you plan for the best… but there’s no plan. 
  • THE NEW YOU:  immediately draws up a business plan. It was simple. Took 30 minutes. Boom. Now each Monday, take 30 minutes to plan out your week based on your goals, last week’s results, and business needs. 

Situation: You make beautiful jewelry. People at church and school buy them and send you requests. You don’t charge much because it doesn’t cost much to make. You always wanted to have your own business, are very organized, and have strong computer skills. You’re too shy to be on social media but love looking at other people’s videos and posts. 

  • The Old You:  would tell yourself that you have a great idea but you should just keep waiting until you figure out how you could sell enough to make enough money from it. You would not engage brand ambassadors or open an online business. 
  • THE NEW YOU: will start a small home-based business, develop a pricing model that covers your time, simple but cute packaging, and shipping costs. You’ll open a free Facebook page showing your designs, and will offer a few pieces to select, engaging people with interactive followers that match your style who will show off your jewelry & contact information twice a week in return for keeping it.

Situation: You have nearly 5000 friends on Facebook. Everyone says you are funny, have a great speaking voice, and look good on camera. You have an idea to act as a funny reporter, talking about what you see online, but you are afraid to try. But might want to. But are not sure. Well, no, you do want to try. You wanted to try last week too. In fact, you talked about it last summer too. You really want to try. You have a new cell phone, a new computer, a ring light, and a mic.  

  • The Old You:  would do Nothing. Really. Nothing. Next summer will be here before you know it. 
  • THE NEW YOU: agrees that next summer will be here before you know it, and sets that equipment up today. You enlist your sister and brother to help practice and critique you. It’s embarrassing but you are in your apartment, you have SO many ideas, and want to play with the lighting and hear your own voice before sharing your first 3 Reels. 

You are ready! Raise your risk tolerance – and embrace change! 

Go switch up the “don’t do today, what you can put off til tomorrow” type of thinking.

Get rid of the belief that embracing change is not fun.

INSTEAD:  DO today what you should not put off til tomorrow!’And know: Embracing change CAN be fun! If you care about repercussions, stop the excuses!! You got this!

Stress, boxes falling

Don’t do today; what you can put off til tomorrow 

Embracing change is not fun.

Why Not

Change is inevitable

So why bother dealing with it all? 

Why Not: Girl

IN SUMMARY:   LAUGH. Or don’t.

If you care about repercussions, stop the excuses. 

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