50 Inspiring Words To Describe A Successful Entrepreneur!

by May 13, 2023

Positive thinking is a known key to success, so here are 50 inspirational words to describe yourself – the ultimate business person – THE successful entrepreneur! Find what works for you. Use a thesaurus. Google synonyms. Create your list of adjectives. Don’t let your entrepreneurial spirit go unrecognized! You have will and goals, and the greatest potential. Believe it. Believe every word, and Believe In Yourself. The power of positivity is real. 


50 Inspiring Words To Describe A Successful Entrepreneur!. Image of Entrepreneur Working at her desk

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Think big. Think as if you are a big corporation for a moment. Think operational command of the business. 

What’s desired? What’s typical? The typical skills, traits and characteristics of a successful leader and successful entrepreneur, of course! 

 Words that typically describe the entrepreneurial skill set include:

Ø  Leadership, initiative, influential

Ø  Drive, results-driven, decisive

Ø  Always learning, cross-functional

Ø  Emotional intelligence, self-aware, balanced

Ø  Integrity, ethical, humble, grateful

Ø  Embraces change, has vision, takes risk

Ø  Communication skills, negotiates


That’s what YOUR company needs too, right?

You need to demonstrate the skills of a successful entrepreneur the moment you step into the role of business owner.

It doesn’t mean you have all of the skills you’ll need yet. It doesn’t mean you have the leadership capabilities quite yet. But are you capable of getting there?! Do you have what it takes!? YES! 

It’s inspirational you. Not egotistical you. Inspirational you. 


YOU are the total package!


Image of gift wrapped box with words "You are the total package" by Denise Dales


Make no mistake. Inspiration and Motivation are critical to your success.

This inspirational “stuff” isn’t all buttery, cakey goo – with a lot of frosting. 

It’s delightful, yes. But more importantly – it’s health – it’s brainwork – it’s what gets you up and running in the morning. It’s what inspires you to keep on going when you hit a hurdle. And another. 

There’s no breakroom. There’s no catching as you walk up the stairs. There’s YOU. It’s as beautiful as it is challenging. So get ready to smile. Because who are you proud of? You!


Who inspires you? YOU!

Because who’s got this? YOU!


Image of successful female entrepreneur Ufuoma (Joyous) Emefeke from Africa

Meet Joyous, A Successful Entrepreneur seen here stopping with us for a quick picture in Africa.

Enjoy – and Use – this list of adjectives that describe you – THE entrepreneur!


~ attempting to achieve due to your own enthusiasm or interests



~ conceiving concepts in your mind before visioning as reality



~ Greatest Of All Time



~ quickly learning and applying ideas



~ not letting opportunity bypass you



~ capturing and holding another’s attention, captivating



~ Y O U



~ cool



~ shining with effervescence



~ courageous & determined


MORE words to describe entrepreneurs!

~ your efforts are worthy of attention



~ fine, good, excellent



~ awe inspiring



~ prodigious



~ highly extraordinary



~ incredibly great



~ exuberant



~ out of the ordinary



~ wonderfully impressive



~ far greater than the usual

The list of words to describe an entrepreneur Continues!  


~ exciting and excellent



~ yay you, mighty intense



~ exceptionally good


A stunning marvelous brilliance a visual image.



~ bright, cheerful, optimistic



~ you do the right thing



~ moving fast



~ rising to a point of also raising others



~ excellent, approval received



~ makes solid judgements



~ lively, spirited, active



~ finds quick & clever resolutions


Do you recognize yourself as an entrepreneurial superstar?   You aren’t just similar. These are not just synonyms. This isn’t about some other person and trying to use words in a sentence. 



~ constructive & optimistic



~ spectacular



~ willing, able, and running the show



~ particularly good



~ atypical & special



~ causing great wonder



~ eager to learn and understand



~ the most important of its kind



~ shining, intelligent, quick-witted



~ extremely impressive



~ sharp & dazzling



~ superb


YOU are fabulous, brilliant, and charismatic. You are THE entrepreneur!


~ attracting and magnetic



~ inspiring a feeling of delight



~ phenomenal, fabled



~ reaching success above and beyond standards



~ positively embraces change



~ grand, glorious



~ the out of the box thinker


Image of an empty office chair with words Welcome Entreprenini! The seat is all yours



 Don’t you see?! Of course, you do. YOU have a strong desire to succeed. You are creative and off to a great start. Hurdles and stumbling come with the territory, and your passion will get you through. As someone headed for future success, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Every person who organizes and operates a business learns some lessons on the fly. Great starts often start with many steps forward paired with many steps back in order to get it right. You want to get it right – and you will. 

You are taking on greater than normal risks. Your feelings and concerns are normal – and many people don’t share your passion or guts. When you momentarily forget and wonder if you’re up to the challenge – re-read these words used to describe YOU.

Image of young male with red background and words no more Wantrepreneur!


What’s NOT you???

A wantrepreneur! Not anymore. You have places to go! 



You are: 


Image of beautiful young latino girl with words Working Your Magic!


 Who inspires you? YOU!

 Because who’s got this? YOU!

 And so I repeat:  YOU – THE entrepreneur – ARE the Total Package!


Looking for more? Venture out. Develop your community where you can find additional value and create it for others. 

Go to your local library or pick up a book online…. Read! A chapter or a poem a day to keep ill feelings at bay… and maybe learn something about yourself, and others, develop a new skill, or simply smile!


What to pick up?

In addition to a simple search of current top sellers and/or the most famous, most effective, very best leadership books of all time, maybe try something different. Something new. Something old. Just different. 

Here’s a random list of a few authors. No one is my favorite. There’s no political affiliation. Undiscriminating. Unsystematic. Simply Suggestions to get you moving in some sort of direction that you need to move in. Funny. Deep. Analytical. SUGGESTIONS… No matter where these authors came from, they will show you anything is possible when you believe in yourself. Attached to each suggestion is a quote from the source of our inspiration.


These are in random order. Allow them to inspire random thoughts.


Maya Angelou: amongst her seven autobiographies, essays, and poetry, surely she will help you “do the best you can until you know better.” And then, per her own suggestion, “Then when you know better, do better.”


David Rhodes turned life in Iowa into written journeys and people. Just and simply – people. Sharing, “we are all connected in ways we cannot even begin to fathom” and continues just as beautifully. When I asked for a descriptive word about him, I received “love him” and “gem.”  


Oprah. Spend some time on her website and be inspired to “turn your wounds into wisdom.


Milan Kundera. Poet. Short stories. Essayist. Labor camps. Exiled most of his life. Why read his works? Maybe because a survivor. Maybe because he was published at 85. Maybe to appreciate how “nothing is heavier than compassion.” Maybe simply because he was born on April Fools Day, and after all he survived and gave back, that in itself is really interesting.


Zadie Smith. She’s got an ingenious way of making you love people you think are unlovable. She’s smart. She’s funny. Her brilliance will have you considering how “everything happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories.”


Gary Snyder, The Man Of Letters. He’s not taking you back through corporate days and leadership training at all, but he’ll take you for a walk in the wilderness. Maybe you’ll agree. Maybe you won’t. But you’ll surely be more aware that “with no surroundings there can be no path, and with no path, one cannot be free.”


Wole Soyinka wrote across every genre while relentlessly pursuing freedom in his homeland of Nigeria. While still smiling, still believing, and living out his belief that we must live a life of service, stating “a tiger does not shout it’s tigritude, it acts.”


Ruth Stone long after her husband, also a poet, committed suicide in 1959, she spent her quiet rural life writing. Ms. Stone remained relatively obscure until she received the National Book Award, at age 87, and two years later, reminded us, “you have to allow yourself to take joy. Otherwise, you’re no good to anyone.” Learn how things will be different “In The Next Galaxy.” It’s a quick minute. Allow yourself 5 minutes to read. And 55 more to reflect.


Suzanne Collins is so much more than “may the odds be forever in your favor.” She’s widely quoted, and her characters will draw you in. Perhaps her descriptive imagery will inspire you past your own cliffhanger. She’s our last author on the list, and for good reason. We’re closing this article on inspiration with her words to describe our very purpose here today:  “It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”


Inspiration is not a sugary, girlie, weak, jelly-donut type of deal. The life of an entrepreneur can be rocky – just like any other path. The successful entrepreneur learns early on that time taken to put yourself back together is time wasted.

Remaining inspired, helps keeps you motivated. Together, inspiration and motivation will lead you to success. You’ll enjoy the view. Get yourself there. 

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