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Brand ambassadors can help add value by connecting customers to a brand and building engagement. They increase brand awareness as online personalities or create the physical presence, while sometimes acting as the face of a brand directly with consumers by attending events in person. Companies may hire ambassadors to create a positive brand image, enhance the corporate direction, and create loyal customers. The goal of a brand ambassador program has expanded in importance, and the job description continues to develop as consumers needs shift and especially as social media sites and platforms evolve. Brand advocates share and business grows. Use brand ambassadors to make a positive difference!

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Skill is important, but trust is key!

A brand ambassador is an important role. Companies trust their brand advocates to execute strategy and protect and develop their most precious commodity – its consumers’ trust. On the other side of this customer + brand equation, the customer knows you and trusts you to share honest feedback and help them with their purchase decision. 

An effective brand ambassador will know the corporate mission, vision, and brand strategy. If you are interested in this role, take the product to heart, and get to know the brand, what it represents, how you especially connect with it, and why. You’ll be in a position to help build trust and engagement, and your actions today can build a lifetime of loyalty. Brand ambassadors are important assets to a company. 

A lot of your success will result from your strong positive presence and communication skills. Companies will look to you for consistency and the ability to connect with the right audience at the right time and in a manner that fits their objectives. 

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Brand ambassador programs vary based on brand needs!

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Companies with brand ambassador programs create a job description based upon their marketing plan. 

Each job description is unique.

A brand ambassador’s job may be online or in person and the description could include:

  • sharing corporate content and / or creating content
  • introducing and building brand awareness for a new brand 
  • increasing consumer awareness, loyalty and therefore, sales, of existing brands
  • spreading the word through a social following or through in-person demonstrations
  • creating brand events on personal social media accounts
  • attending corporate brand events
  • OTHER (companies are typically open to your excitement and ideas)

Brand ambassadors become the face of the brand. They create trusted relationships with consumers who then make purchase decisions based on their recommendations. 

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Brand ambassador compensation varies a great deal. Options include:

  • Salary
  • Hourly wages
  • Commission only
  • No pay, experience only
  • Bonuses 
  • Free product
  • Discounted product
  • Travel expenses
  • Other negotiated pay

There is no standard salary for a brand ambassador.

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Brand ambassadors may be independent or contracted. Ambassadors’ roles may be: 

  • Contracted 
  • Temporary 
  • An intern
  • Seasonal
  • Part-time employee
  • Full-time employee

Skills, experience, educational requirements and physical requirements for a brand ambassador also vary. 

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Requirements depend heavily on the brand strategy. They may include: 

  • High school diploma / GED 
  • BA 
  • BA specifically in Marketing, Communications or Public Speaking
  • MA
  • Specific proof of marketing skills 
  • Specific software prowess
  • A required social media following
  • A review of your social media platforms, your blog, your style, and posts
  • It may just come down your interest, the interview, and your outgoing personality
  • Flexible schedule but dedicated time
  • Ability to travel
  • Ability to provide your own transportation to events
  • Ability to lift or move in a certain way if a product demonstration is required
  • Ability to set up a display
  • Ability to commit to the necessary time
  • Ability to follow through on your commitments

It’s a changing environment. Each company’s requirements are unique. 

The good news for you:  the answer to “WHAT DOES A BRAND AMBASSADOR DO?” continues to evolve!

Regardless of the type of career described or the position or pay, a brand ambassador is an important role. As you connect with your perfect brands, you can help define your role. 

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The difference between brand ambassadors and influencers 

Brand ambassador and influencer roles are sometimes confused. 

Influencers remain independent, and represent brands as part of their regular social media business. Influencers tend to provide online support only. Influences make a difference by reaching millions of people. Having their audience click and listen from their homes, on a jog, or while commuting is a beautiful thing!

However, if the company wants face-to-face representation at shows and launches, someone smiling in person, welcoming customers to their brand, and creating in-person excitement, then brand ambassadors are ideal.

Brand ambassadors are typically part of the corporate family and have a more flexible job description. A company will not expect an instant sales increase as a result of implementing a brand ambassador program. However, they will monitor effectiveness, tied to the growth of their consumer base, watch for increased engagement, and then look to see overall product sales grow as those actions continue. 

  • A typical influencer has at least 100,000 followers, and the numbers skyrocket from there. Large numbers are not always key.
  • Micro or niche influencers may have 10,000 followers and be more highly influential and deeply connected to their base.
  • A brand ambassador is not required to have a large following. A previously held standard was 500-1000 followers.
  • Though there are differences, anyone in these roles may share a similar style a genuine interest in a brand.
  • For all roles, the company will lay out basic requirements, ranging from the number of posts to how much time is spent promoting the brand, fit, and effectiveness. 

Brand managers may simply want someone who shows great natural presence and potential. They may find it easier to train a brand advocate on the skills necessary to represent the brand in public. 

The bottom line always comes down to profitability, though. A company looking for brand ambassadors ultimately needs engagement leading to sales. 1 million followers and zero sales are not as valuable as 10,000 followers who buy and refer others.

Budget is also important. Influencers typically receive a combination of commission on actual sales generated as a result of their efforts or receive a sponsored pay per-post, and may have additional income added as the company evaluates the overall activity and engagement they created. Every click counts!

Additionally – Companies can also now follow how much time a prospective customer spends looking at their brand. Some influencers may also receive a fixed rate for representing a brand.

Both strategies are effective. Influencers may cost more upfront; brand ambassadors cost less but take longer. The decision and direction depend upon the brand strategy. 

Why become a brand ambassador?

  • The marketplace offers a lot of room to gain experience or to negotiate for your dream job.  Whether you want to be a permanent employee of a company or whether your entrepreneurial spirit wishes to remain independent, Go For It! 
  • You can find a role that best suits your interests and needs. You may be the face of the brand, the brains behind it, or simply create the buzz. With your talents and skills, you can fill a variety of brand-building needs. 
  • You can also test the waters by helping companies actively looking for the right people to act as effective brand ambassadors with minimal experience necessary.  
  • You can also help create this role for a company who doesn’t currently work with brand ambassadors. 
  • Choosing the right product and company to work with has many benefits! You can build your experience and business relationships while connecting with your social media following and developing a larger audience. You get to work on content creation, establish credibility and boost your reputation while doing the exact same for your corporate partner. 
  • It’s a win for your public image, and the successful brand ambassadors protect a company’s reputation and create long-term partnerships as they move forward.

Do your research. A simple Google search will show you many job descriptions, job postings, networking groups, and dozens of major company images. There is a lot of descriptive information out there to sift through and consider. Have fun with it!

Brand ambassadors spread positive light – be ready to shine yours!


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