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Brand ambassador programs help your company grow by connecting your product or brand with your target audience and building positive engagement. No matter how big your business is, you need a brand strategy that drives sales as it adapts to a continually changing consumer and economic landscape. They have the ability to influence your customer and create emotional connections in an authentic way. Creating a community as part of your marketing plan takes your efforts to the next level, where you maximize brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

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Achieve higher engagement and maximize your own efforts by partnering with a brand ambassador! 

  • What does that mean? Read on!
  • Don’t know how? Read on! 
  • Can’t afford it? Read on! 
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Brand ambassadors maximize reach & build positive engagement!

Partner with a brand ambassador, as part of your marketing strategy. Ambassadors enjoy the perks while they humanise your brand. Some work for monetary payment, while others are happy to work for freebies! Whether you determine you need to work with a YouTube star or someone more local and fitting into a smaller niche, the right choice is an asset to your brand. Benefits to your business include: 

  • marketing expertise
  • helping develop company culture (as related to your brand)
  • ensuring brand visibility across social media platforms
  • social media management
  • running promotions
  • driving sales
  • reaching a wider audience

A brand ambassador program helps throughout the product lifecycle

Your brand ambassador will raise awareness, engage, and help develop your target market, no matter where your product falls in its lifecycle.

They are already connected with your target market, and it’s natural for them to share brands they believe in with those consumers.

  • A brand ambassador will help build a new brand and its identity by introducing it to the marketplace. 
  • A revitalized brand may need a relaunch into a marketplace. Connect its goodness to current consumer needs through reintroduction to consumers who tried it before; connect it to new consumers as part of a refreshed, or expanded, target marketplace.
  • A new use case is also a perfect opportunity to keep current consumers interested and to expand your reach into a new, or expanded, target market. 
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Of course, it depends on what your product is, but possible approaches they might take include:

  • Hey! Guess what’s back and in a new form?
    • Ever heard of this? Let’s talk!
  • Look what I found and how good it looks on me!
    • Let me know what you think!
  • My favorite new brand has been around for a while, and WOW, I was missing out!
    • A few friends picked it up, too, and said the same thing! 
  • How glad that this product came into my life!
    • I gotta talk about it. Listen in on Sunday!
  • I’m so glad I gave my new favorite product a try & here’s why!
    • If you’ve tried it too, comment, please – we need to know!
  • Have you been looking for this? I found it! Yay me! Yay, you! Here’s where to buy it!
    • If you find other places to buy, do share! 
  • Don’t wait – this product is here today – and won’t be back until… 
  • Here’s my favorite pic in this outfit!
    • Comment below & show us your fav
  • Check out my new video, showing how to use my product on the job and at home.
    • Let me know if you have additional ideas!

The examples are cheesy, but you get the point. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s Effective!



Brand ambassadors perform many different functions!

While they are known for social media savvy, brand ambassadors are different than influencers in that they use a wide variety of tactics to promote your brand! 

Perhaps most importantly – capitalize on their social media prowess! That’s a given; that’s always a strong area of expertise, whether they command an existing following or if they are simply skilled and able to build your following. 

Partner with them for: 

  • Creating engagement through social media posts on their own accounts 
  •  Managing your corporate social media accounts and creating social presence
  • Content creation
  • Showcasing your product on their blog and/or developing yours

Brand ambassadors can show a before and after and take their following from hearing about it through an actual live demonstration online or in person. The brand ambassador job description is much more flexible than an influencer’s. A brand ambassador can take on all sorts of creative responsibilities! 

A brand ambassador can effectively work well alone or make a great partner by building upon your own internal efforts. Corporate introverted experts may not want the limelight, but they can be quoted, act as support, and help with planning! 

What else can a brand ambassador do to drive positive engagement?  

• Help with your website development or suggest consumer-friendly enhancements

• Develop corporate creative

• Handle your digital marketing

• Attend events such as tradeshows & conventions

• Create launch parties and marketplace events online and/or in person


Brand ambassadors are a perfect partner for a business of any size!

Regardless of company size, being overloaded with multiple priorities is a fact of life. 

No matter your budget, a brand ambassadorship is a great solution. 

To create and implement a successful campaign, you must strategize. 

Pull out your business plan, no matter what size your company is. Go back to that plan. Ask yourself or determine: 

  • Where is your business headed? 
  • Where are you with regard to staff support and funds?
  • Is your product developed and ready to sell? 
  • If no, when will it be market ready? 
  • If yes, how much can you produce?
  • Have you developed a brand identity and strategy?
  • Do you have a process and the manpower to handle customer inquiries?
  • Do you have a process and the manpower to pack and ship product?  
  • Do you have a process and the manpower to handle possible returns and exchanges? 

Review your marketing plan

  • Consider your opportunities to gain reach and promote your brand
  • Consider your budget
  • Prioritize 
  • Consider how a brand ambassador can help! 

Be flexible! 

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Brand ambassador job descriptions can meet any size budget!

It comes down to priorities, and yes, you have many, but we’re talking specific priorities for your brand! What to do and how to handle the next steps comes down to planning and understanding your priorities with regard to time and budget.   

You are almost there – think through the main benefits, your final thoughts and your hiring and partnership options!

  • A brand ambassadorship may be created for one brand ambassador or a team.
  • Your perfect partners may be independent social media experts or hired on as company employees.
  • They may be full-time, part-time, for periods of time, such as a campaign or a season.
  • Payment may be in the form of a salary, as contracted by the job or with free product
  • Your partner might be interested in exploring alternative opportunities 

The agreement or campaign length depends upon your business or product needs, capabilities, and brand strategy. Make your determinations. Make your decisions. Let the process unfold for your company and products with your guidance.

Launching a successful campaign is serious business, but with brand ambassadors, it’s also serious fun. It gives your brand a boost. Have a good time with this process! 

Whether a product is brand new or new to your business, needs to be revitalized, relaunched, or when a new usage is been discovered, a brand ambassador can increase revenue! Online or offline, markets, consumer needs, perceptions, and priorities, are continually changing. 

Selecting the perfect partner begins and ends with business planning. Take the step. Look at your plan, understand your priorities concerning time and budget, and start the conversation! Develop the testimony that will likely increase sales. Your consumers will thank you!

Brand ambassador programs are designed to help your business. To grow your business. Partner with a good ambassador today, who will authentically share information, work on product development and provide feedback to you! Understand the time it takes to build. There’s no better time to move forward. Promote your products! Support your brand! Your loyal customers are waiting!

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